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Stand and Blown 2022

Kinetic land art sculpture

​Wood, Steel

For this kinetic land art, I installed simple structure units on the beach in San Francisco, and just let them sway in the sea breeze. What I tried to build is a situation that a stranger object is interacting with the new environment where it doesn’t originally belong to.

San Francisco is the city where my Japanese American immigrant ancestors dove in and struggled as “aliens”. Every time I stand on the beach in the Bay Area and stare at the Pacific Ocean, I can see the same view as Asian immigrants have watched their far away homeplace over the horizon.

This scene of “aliens” standing on the foreign land represents how we human being are trying to keep standing in this world where we don’t belong to anymore but still need to survive in strongly. “Stand and Blown” represents how strangers are buffeted by, but also stand against and interact with the new land.


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