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12 Infinities 2022

Time-based sculpture

​Mirror, Polyethylene, Wood, RGB LED, Micro computer

Human like 12, as the useful pitch converts the time flow on this planet into a closed cycle such as 12 hours, 12 months, and 12 zodiac cycle. But in the different timescale, the universe is always in transformation and our closed cycle is just a small man-made shelter surrounded by unpredictability of this world.

In this work, I represented this tension between inside and outside of human civilization; on the horizontal direction, there is the illusion of the circle of 12 lights repeating the same transition on a color cycle created by 2 mirrors forming 30 degrees. But along with the vertical direction, another pair of mirrors facing each other parallelly creates infinity images whose bottom is impossible to see for viewers.

Infinity is the monster number causes mathematical and philosophical contradictions resisting against our will to translate the whole world into the stable order. And as we knew that our territory of controllability is just a tiny area, our ancestors tried to seek the reconciliation between gods and humans. This work structurally represents the history of human and the world.

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