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De-quantification (of ten $1 bills) 2022

Time-based sculpture

​$1 bill, Passive speaker, Thread, Wood, AC/DC adaptor, Extension cable

This project started from crumpled ten $1 bills in my pocket. In the system of capitalism, they are equally quantified, neutralized, and counted as just total of $10. This reminded me of a soldier fought on the Western Front during WWI commented that their lives were quantified as a part of a cost to carry out the mission, and human lives started being treated like that through the following history—the lives of soldiers served, the lives of prisoners executed, and the lives of citizens bombed.

What I tried in this work is to de-quantify $1 bills; I carefully examined different conditions of each bill and brought up their potential specificity on junk speakers which had also different qualities by each. The output as these great diverse motions of ten $1 bills is a response to the economy system, a resistance against the material civilization, and a requiem for the victims of tragedies in modern history.


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