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Invisible Sides 2022

Kinetic sculpture

​Acrylic paint, Paper, Wood, Steel tube, Stainless wire, DC motor

“Invisible Sides” started from rediscovering the aesthetics and philosophy of object I learned from Mono-ha (“Material-School”) through my mentor in Japan. I found beautiful surfaces appearing on the bottom of 2x4 wood pieces which I used to hold canvases horizontally to paint on them. While I was creating painting on the top side, paint flowed out and soaked into the bottom was generating another painting on the invisible side. Sometimes we overlook such emergence as just accidental dirt, but also touched by its beauty as the representation of our universe—just like a pattern of worn-out wooden floor of a Zen temple which is not recognized by most visitors but actually represents the philosophy of Zen.

I structured this dualistic relationship between human and object as a spinning painting sculpture that flips the two sides.

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