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Mobile-Picture 2022

Kinetic/Interactive painting installation

​Acrylic paint, Polyethylene board, Monofilament wire, Aluminum tube, Aluminum Composite Panel, Wood, Stainless wire, DC motor, Servo motor, Microcomputer, IR distance sensor, RGB LED

“Mobile-Picture” is the painting robotics project to explore inter-dimensionality of this universe by inflating the dimensions of painting art; multiple painting fields spreading on 2-D surfaces are 3-dimensionally curved to organize sculptural relations between each other, and kinetic motion of this painting swarm gets a time direction making its structure (3+1)-dimensional. While painting inflates meta-dimensions on its outside, it also grows its illusional dimensions in the depth and flow of color and shape. Then, painting becomes a surface between mirrored multiple dimensions on the other side and our side.

Displayed at the solo show “Mobile-Picture”

October 31 - November 4, 2022

SFSU Martin Wong Gallery, San Francisco


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