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(n+1)-dimensions 2022

Kinetic painting sculpture

​Acrylic paint, Polyethylene board, Monofilament wire, Aluminum tube, Wood, Stainless wire, DC motor

“(n+1)-dimensions” is a motorized spinning painting sculpture. The idea of this project came from the allegory of the surface of water I learned from my mentor in Japan; when we see the surface of water, we can see what is in the other side through it, while seeing what is in our side on the reflection, and at the same time, we’re also seeing the surface of water itself. Just like the surface water, painting contains multiple dimensions of this world on its surface and so painting art is the art of inter-dimensionality.

I realized me that my past pursuits to make 2-D flat painting into 3-D structure was the process to inflate the meta-dimension of painting, and we could explore more complex inter-dimensionality by adding another dimension. For this work, I connected a motor to spin this swarm of painting and add a time dimension to build an optical transition/transformation within inter-relations between painting units.

Displayed at the group show "APAture 2022: Autonomy (Focus on Emerging Asian Pacific American Artists" (curated by Kearny Street Workshop)

October 8 - 30, 2022

ARC Gallery, San Francisco


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