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Mobile-Picture: Interactive 2022

Kinetic/Interactive painting installation

​Acrylic paint, Polyethylene board, Monofilament wire, Aluminum tube, Aluminum Composite Panel, Wood, Stainless wire, DC motor, Servo motor, Microcomputer, IR distance sensor, RGB LED

“Mobile-Picture: Interactive” is the customized version of “Mobile-Picture”. Three IR sensor units which measure the distance to objects in front of them send signals to the microcomputer operating the machine, and the motion of painting units interact with their surrounding environment including viewers. While viewers can realize that the machine is reacting to them, they also know that they cannot control nor predict the next motion of this robot. Interaction happening between the painting swarm and viewers forms the complex relationship between object vs. subject, or uncontrollability vs. controllability, and represents how we human civilization would/could relate to this world.

Displayed at the group show "35th Annual Stillwell Exhibition" (organized by SFSU School of Art)

November 29 - December 8, 2022

SFSU Fine Arts Gallery, San Francisco


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