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spirits 2020

Video/Audio collage

​3 minutes 23 seconds

“spirits” started from my short diary commenting my impression on my new land, America; the beauty of the nature on this land paradoxically hurts my heart as it reminds me that this is a stolen land and the gods of indigenous people were buried under this soil with their cultural prides.

I expanded this theme to more universal scale considering; animistic views that my country had been also familiar with; what my predecessor Mono-ha (postwar Japanese art movement which means “Material-School”) artists had pursued through the exploration in object; and how today’s philosophy and science is approaching to a post-humancentric view on the world.

Finally, with my narration voice mentioning about these concepts, I created the transition of linguistic sound/imagery turning into non-linguistic “thing-in-itself” which the old animistic gods had represented.


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