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Re-birth 2020

Video/Audio collage

​2 minutes 17 seconds

“Re-birth” is a video/audio collage project to find and develop non-narrative metaphors in editing process. I started editing without any script nor concept, and as the image of going forward/back through a tunnel appeared in a sequence, I read the meaning of it along with universal metaphors such as the return to the womb, the descendent into the underworld, transmigration, or resurrection.

Then, I added my voice in Japanese reading words or quotes relating to those metaphors; my birthday, my father’s death day, and my new niece’s expected birthday in the following year as the inter-generational cycle of life; a quote from “the Tale of Heike” (the Japanese classic epic depicting the rise and fall of a powerful Samurai clan in the 12th century) telling that everything vanishes in the end regardless of its prosperity. The speeds of these readings were changed or reversed and finally melted in this bedlam of images and sounds, but the final output of this collage became a non-narrative but still metaphorical image/sound journey for viewers.


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