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Scale Control 2021


​Acrylic on polyethylene board​

“Scale Control” is a 1:8 scale installation in Mini Martin Wong Gallery. Under this pandemic, we artists cannot use a large studio or gallery space as usual. But we can still explore experience of the size scale relationship between human body and artwork or gallery space through maquette size simulation. For this show, I plan to make three-dimensional painting sculptures and set them as an installation in a 1:8 gallery space. In this “mini” installation, viewer would experience several specific scales of each element; the size scale of painted space (illusion), painting supports (object), composed installation (space), the viewer her/himself (body), and meta-scale change of every element (1:8 scale). Painting is one of the important elements in this installation because this media, just like maquette, can control the scale of painted contents as we sometimes see a large universe in just a small abstract painting. This show is not just a mini-size exhibition but the experiment to find a larger-scale experience in a small-scale platform.

Displayed as the online solo show

February 10 - 12, 2021

SFSU Mini Martin Wong Gallery, San Francisco


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