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The 80 ft. tall installation in a small dorm room 2020


Acrylic on polyethylene board​

38 x 26 x 30in

For this online exhibition, I created and installed a 3.2 ft. tall painting sculpture in my small dorm room and put a 1/25 scale figure (that is usually used for an architecture model) to transform this work into an 80 ft. tall large installation. Actually, now we cannot use our gallery spaces or studios on campus, but the art has been always a ‘gate’ that crack limited possibilities open just like the painting as an open window. So, this work is painting, sculpture, installation, but also a sort of large-scale project art under this pandemic.

Displayed in the online group show "33rd Annual Stillwell Exhibition" (organized by SFSU School of Art)
December 5, 2020 - January 31, 2021

San Francisco


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