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Generator 2021

Video/Audio collage

​6 minutes 8 seconds

“Generator” is a video/audio collage to experiment a collaboration between contingency of random numbers and human’s poetical imagination. It started from the method of Dada poetry; I wrote 7 scripts about random themes (my philosophical view on human history; the bloody story of my ancestor Samurai clan in the 12th century; my childhood in a catholic kindergarten…etc.), recorded my readings, and cut audios apart into some sentence parts. Then, I numbered them from 1 to 159, made a random number sequence (by a random number generator), and according to that sequence, reconnected the parts to build a long meaningless sentence.

Until this step, this is just a completely mechanical and automatic process. But then, I separated the sequence into some parts, just like passages, and added images that “seemed like” represent or symbolize the “meaning” or “nuance” of each passage. While this automatic poem is completely meaningless, still they sound like trying to tell us something. What I tried to do was listening to their voice and giving visual responses to them. This is a session between mechanical process and imaginative process, or a creative communication between object and human.


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